Welcome! This is the documentation for ezdxf release 1.0.3, last updated Mar 26, 2023.


  • ezdxf is a Python package to create new DXF documents and read/modify/write existing DXF documents
  • MIT-License
  • the intended audience are programmers
  • requires at least Python 3.7
  • OS independent
  • tested with CPython and pypy3
  • has type annotations and passes mypy --ignore-missing-imports -p ezdxf successful
  • additional required packages for the core package without add-ons: typing_extensions, pyparsing
  • read/write/new support for DXF versions: R12, R2000, R2004, R2007, R2010, R2013 and R2018
  • additional read-only support for DXF versions R13/R14 (upgraded to R2000)
  • additional read-only support for older DXF versions than R12 (upgraded to R12)
  • read/write support for ASCII DXF and Binary DXF
  • retains third-party DXF content
  • optional C-extensions for CPython are included in the binary wheels, available on PyPI for Windows, Linux and macOS

Included Extensions

Additional packages required for these add-ons are not automatically installed during the basic setup, for more information about the setup & dependencies visit the documentation.

  • drawing add-on to visualise and convert DXF files to images which can be saved as PNG, PDF or SVG files
  • r12writer add-on to write basic DXF entities direct and fast into a DXF R12 file or stream
  • iterdxf add-on to iterate over DXF entities from the modelspace of huge DXF files (> 5GB) which do not fit into memory
  • importer add-on to import entities, blocks and table entries from another DXF document
  • dxf2code add-on to generate Python code for DXF structures loaded from DXF documents as starting point for parametric DXF entity creation
  • acadctb add-on to read/write Plot Style Files (CTB/STB)
  • pycsg add-on for Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) modeling technique
  • MTextExplode add-on for exploding MTEXT entities into single-line TEXT entities
  • text2path add-on to convert text into outline paths
  • geo add-on to support the __geo_interface__
  • meshex add-on for exchanging meshes with other tools as STL, OFF or OBJ files
  • openscad add-on, an interface to OpenSCAD
  • odafc add-on, an interface to the ODA File Converter to read and write DWG files


Documentation of development version at https://ezdxf.mozman.at/docs

Documentation of latest release at http://ezdxf.readthedocs.io/

Questions and Answers

Please post questions at the forum or stack overflow to make answers available to other users as well.


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