DXF File Encoding

DXF R2004 and prior

Drawing files of DXF R2004 (AC1018) and prior are saved as ASCII files with the encoding set by the header variable $DWGCODEPAGE, which is ANSI_1252 by default if $DWGCODEPAGE is not set.

Characters used in the drawing which do not exist in the chosen ASCII encoding are encoded as unicode characters with the schema \U+nnnn. see Unicode table

Known $DWGCODEPAGE encodings

DXF Python Name
ANSI_874 cp874 Thai
ANSI_932 cp932 Japanese
ANSI_936 gbk UnifiedChinese
ANSI_949 cp949 Korean
ANSI_950 cp950 TradChinese
ANSI_1250 cp1250 CentralEurope
ANSI_1251 cp1251 Cyrillic
ANSI_1252 cp1252 WesternEurope
ANSI_1253 cp1253 Greek
ANSI_1254 cp1254 Turkish
ANSI_1255 cp1255 Hebrew
ANSI_1256 cp1256 Arabic
ANSI_1257 cp1257 Baltic
ANSI_1258 cp1258 Vietnam

DXF R2007 and later

Starting with DXF R2007 (AC1021) the drawing file is UTF-8 encoded, the header variable $DWGCODEPAGE is still in use, but I don’t know, if the setting still has any meaning.

Encoding characters in the unicode schema \U+nnnn is still functional.