Math Construction Tools

These are links to tools in the ezdxf.math core module:

ezdxf.math.ConstructionRay Construction tool for infinite 2D rays.
ezdxf.math.ConstructionLine Construction tool for 2D lines.
ezdxf.math.ConstructionCircle Construction tool for 2D circles.
ezdxf.math.ConstructionArc Construction tool for 2D arcs.
ezdxf.math.ConstructionEllipse Construction tool for 3D ellipsis.
ezdxf.math.ConstructionBox Construction tool for 2D rectangles.
ezdxf.math.ConstructionPolyline Construction tool for 3D polylines.
ezdxf.math.Shape2d Construction tools for 2D shapes.
ezdxf.math.BSpline B-spline construction tool.
ezdxf.math.Bezier4P Implements an optimized cubic Bézier curve for exact 4 control points.
ezdxf.math.Bezier3P Implements an optimized quadratic Bézier curve for exact 3 control points.
ezdxf.math.Bezier Generic Bézier curve of any degree.
ezdxf.math.BezierSurface BezierSurface defines a mesh of m x n control points.
ezdxf.math.EulerSpiral This class represents an euler spiral (clothoid) for curvature (Radius of curvature).