The RAY entity (DXF Reference) starts at Ray.dxf.point and continues to infinity (construction line).

Subclass of ezdxf.entities.XLine
DXF type 'RAY'
Factory function ezdxf.layouts.BaseLayout.add_ray()
Inherited DXF attributes Common graphical DXF attributes
Required DXF version DXF R2000 ('AC1015')
class ezdxf.entities.Ray

Start point as (3D Point in WCS)


Unit direction vector as (3D Point in WCS)

transform(m: ezdxf.math._matrix44.Matrix44) → ezdxf.entities.xline.XLine

Transform the XLINE/RAY entity by transformation matrix m inplace.

translate(dx: float, dy: float, dz: float) → ezdxf.entities.xline.XLine

Optimized XLINE/RAY translation about dx in x-axis, dy in y-axis and dz in z-axis.