BODY entity (DXF Reference) created by an ACIS geometry kernel provided by the Spatial Corp.

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Ezdxf has only very limited support for ACIS based entities, for more information see the FAQ: How to add/edit ACIS based entities like 3DSOLID, REGION or SURFACE?

Subclass of ezdxf.entities.DXFGraphic
DXF type 'BODY'
Factory function ezdxf.layouts.BaseLayout.add_body()
Inherited DXF attributes Common graphical DXF attributes
Required DXF version DXF R2000 ('AC1015')


Do not instantiate entity classes by yourself - always use the provided factory functions!

class ezdxf.entities.Body

Modeler format version number, default value is 1


Require DXF R2013.


Require DXF R2013.

tostring() → str

Returns ACIS SAT data as a single string if the entity has SAT data.