The POINT entity (DXF Reference) represents a dimensionless point in WCS.

The POINT styling is a global setting, stored as header variable $PDMODE, this also means all POINT entities in a DXF document have the same styling:

0 center dot (.)
1 none ( )
2 cross (+)
3 x-cross (x)
4 tick (‘)

Combined with these bit values

32 circle
64 Square

e.g. circle + square + center dot = 32 + 64 + 0 = 96


The size of the points is defined by the header variable $PDSIZE:

0 5% of draw area height
<0 Specifies a percentage of the viewport size
>0 Specifies an absolute size
Subclass of ezdxf.entities.DXFGraphic
DXF type 'POINT'
Factory function ezdxf.layouts.BaseLayout.add_point()
Inherited DXF attributes Common graphical DXF attributes


Do not instantiate entity classes by yourself - always use the provided factory functions!

class ezdxf.entities.Point

Location of the point (2D/3D Point in WCS)


Angle in degrees of the x-axis for the UCS in effect when POINT was drawn (float); used when PDMODE is nonzero.

transform(m: ezdxf.math._matrix44.Matrix44) → ezdxf.entities.point.Point

Transform the POINT entity by transformation matrix m inplace.

translate(dx: float, dy: float, dz: float) → ezdxf.entities.point.Point

Optimized POINT translation about dx in x-axis, dy in y-axis and dz in z-axis.

virtual_entities(pdsize: float = 1, pdmode: int = 0) → Iterator[ezdxf.entities.dxfgfx.DXFGraphic]

Yields the graphical representation of POINT as virtual DXF primitives (LINE and CIRCLE). The dimensionless point is rendered as zero-length line!

Check for this condition:

e.dxftype() == 'LINE' and e.dxf.start.isclose(e.dxf.end)

if the rendering engine can’t handle zero-length lines.

  • pdsize – point size in drawing units
  • pdmode – point styling mode