An ACAD_PROXY_ENTITY (DXF Reference) is a proxy entity that represents an entity created by an Autodesk or 3rd party application. It stores the graphics and data of the original entity.

The internals of this entity are unknown, so the entity cannot be copied or transformed. However, ezdxf can extract the proxy graphic from these entities as virtual entities or replace (explode) the entire entity with its proxy graphic. The meaning and data of this entity is lost when the entity is exploded.

Subclass of


DXF type


Factory function

not supported

Inherited DXF attributes

Common graphical DXF attributes

class ezdxf.entities.ACADProxyEntity
virtual_entities() Iterator[DXFGraphic]

Yields proxy graphic as “virtual” entities.

explode(target_layout: BaseLayout | None = None) EntityQuery

Explodes the proxy graphic for the ACAD_PROXY_ENTITY into the target layout, if target layout is None, the layout of the ACAD_PROXY_ENTITY will be used. This method destroys the source ACAD_PROXY_ENTITY entity.


target_layout – target layout for exploded entities, None for same layout as the source ACAD_PROXY_ENTITY.


EntityQuery container referencing all exploded DXF entities.