BLOCK_RECORD (DXF Reference) is the core management structure for BlockLayout and Layout. This is an internal DXF structure managed by ezdxf, package users don’t have to care about it.

Subclass of ezdxf.entities.DXFEntity
Factory function
class ezdxf.entities.BlockRecord

Handle to owner (Table).

Name of associated BLOCK.


Handle to associated DXFLayout, if paperspace layout or modelspace else “0”


1 for BLOCK references can be exploded else 0


1 for BLOCK references can be scaled else 0


BLOCK insert units

0 Unitless
1 Inches
2 Feet
3 Miles
4 Millimeters
5 Centimeters
6 Meters
7 Kilometers
8 Microinches
9 Mils
10 Yards
11 Angstroms
12 Nanometers
13 Microns
14 Decimeters
15 Decameters
16 Hectometers
17 Gigameters
18 Astronomical units
19 Light years
20 Parsecs
21 US Survey Feet
22 US Survey Inch
23 US Survey Yard
24 US Survey Mile

Internal Structure

Do not change this structures, this is just an information for experienced developers!

The BLOCK_RECORD is the owner of all the entities in a layout and stores them in an EntitySpace object (BlockRecord.entity_space). For each layout exist a BLOCK definition in the BLOCKS section, a reference to the Block entity is stored in BlockRecord.block.

Modelspace and Paperspace layouts require an additional DXFLayout object in the OBJECTS section.

See also

More information about Block Management Structures and Layout Management Structures.