Important class for storing application defined data in DXF files.

The XRECORD entities are used to store and manage arbitrary data. They are composed of DXF group codes ranging from 1 through 369. This object is similar in concept to XDATA but is not limited by size or order.

To reference a XRECORD by an DXF entity, store the handle of the XRECORD in the XDATA section, application defined data or the ExtensionDict of the DXF entity.

Subclass of ezdxf.entities.DXFObject
Factory function ezdxf.sections.objects.ObjectsSection.add_xrecord()


Do not instantiate object classes by yourself - always use the provided factory functions!

class ezdxf.entities.XRecord

Duplicate record cloning flag (determines how to merge duplicate entries, ignored by ezdxf):

0 not applicable
1 keep existing
2 use clone
3 <xref>$0$<name>
4 $0$<name>
5 Unmangle name

Raw DXF tag container Tags. Be careful ezdxf does not validate the content of XRECORDS.

clear() → None

Remove all DXF tags.

reset(tags: Iterable[Union[DXFTag, tuple[int, Any]]]) → None

Reset DXF tags.

extend(tags: Iterable[Union[DXFTag, tuple[int, Any]]]) → None

Extend DXF tags.