DXF File Encoding

The following facts are not in the DXF Standard. But this facts are established by the AutoCAD application.

DXF Version R2004 and prior

Drawing files of DXF versions R2004 (AC1018) and prior are saved as ASCII files with the encoding set by the header variable $DWGCODEPAGE, which is ANSI_1252 by default if $DWGCODEPAGE is not set.

Characters used in the drawing which do not exist in the chosen ASCII encoding are encoded as unicode characters with the schema \U+nnnn. see Unicode table

Known $DWGCODEPAGE encodings

DXF Python Name
ANSI_874 cp874 Thai
ANSI_932 cp932 Japanese
ANSI_936 gbk UnifiedChinese
ANSI_949 cp949 Korean
ANSI_950 cp950 TradChinese
ANSI_1250 cp1250 CentralEurope
ANSI_1251 cp1251 Cyrillic
ANSI_1252 cp1252 WesternEurope
ANSI_1253 cp1253 Greek
ANSI_1254 cp1254 Turkish
ANSI_1255 cp1255 Hebrew
ANSI_1256 cp1256 Arabic
ANSI_1257 cp1257 Baltic
ANSI_1258 cp1258 Vietnam

DXF Version R2007 and later

Starting with DXF version R2007 (AC1021) the drawing files are saved with UTF-8 encoding, the header variable $DWGCODEPAGE is still in use, but I don’t know if the setting has any meaning.

Encoding characters in the unicode schema \U+nnnn is still functional.